Hello – This is the Village of Port Washington North with an important Snow Strom Alert.

For your safety our village is ready and contractors have been alerted to keep roads clear. This is critical for safe travel and access for emergency vehicles and we need your help. Please move all vehicles into driveways so plows and emergency equipment can pass. If you must park in the street please cooperate with neighbors and park on one side thus leaving the other side clear for plowing. After the snow please shovel walks and do not forget to shovel around fire hydrants. Please do not put snow into the streets after they are plowed, doing so will necessitate additional runs of plows that will push snow back onto driveway aprons.

For electric outages please call PSEG hotline at 1-800-490-0075 and report all power outages. Only in this way do the computers compile the outage areas and dispatch crews.

Thank you

Mayor Bob Weitzner and PWN Emergency Manager Steve Kaplan