THANK YOU for making the past 24 hours safe and successful for all in theVillage of Port North. We were lucky we received less than the expected snow and winds. Regardless of the severity of the storm the reality is our village residents responded to our pleas. While not perfect, the roads had many fewer cars in the streets last night. As a result the plows were able to clear the roads to almost full width and were open for any emergency needs. This limited the need to come back and re-plow streets that close driveways after people cleared them, which too many of us had issues about last year. We worked with our contractor to limit that from happening this year.

Now that the plowing is over, we still need your help. Please do not plow, blow or throw snow back into the streets. This puts unsafe mounds of snow into the cleared streets, causing slippery unsafe conditions. When this occurs, we are required to plow again, potentially closing driveways in the process. Place snow at the curb and keep our streets clean.

Also remember to clear Fire Hydrants and bus stops. While snow restricts our streets try to keep cars off the streets and do not park opposite another car causing narrow roads for emergency equipment.

Thank you again for all working together to make our Village safe. –

Steve Kaplan  – VPWN Traffic Safety Commissioner

Ron Novinski – VPWN Public Works Supervisor

Mayor Bob Weitzner