Hello – This is the Village of Port Washington North with an important Winter Storm Alert.

The Weather Service is warning of snow beginning early tomorrow morning and a very serious blizzard with snow and winds reaching our village tomorrow night and through Tuesday. The Mayor and village are working with our snow removal contractors keep our village safe. Because, our first priority is for your safety the roads must be kept clear for safe travel and access to emergency vehicles. We need your help.

We must very strongly urge every household to move cars into driveways and garages. For those that must park in the street please do not park opposite any other cars, allow for plows and fire engines to be able to come down your street.

Remember, when shoveling do not put snow in the streets it is dangerous and illegal.

PSEG is preparing for power outages and so must all of us. Make sure your neighbors are safe and urge all to sign up for NorthShoreAlert.Org so we can be in communication.

A few reminders:
• After the snow, property owners are required to clear walks for children, walkers and Post Office deliverers.
• If you are or will be away please make arrangements with a neighbor or contractor to clear snow.
• Do not forget to clear Fire Hydrants and School Bus Stops near your home.

Thank you and be safe.

Steve Kaplan Port North Emergency Manager PortNorth@PWMOEM.org

Mayor Bob Weitzner Cell 516-233-9581