Greetings Port Washington North Residents.
Now that the Port Washington Water District Water Main Replacement Project for our Village is completed, the Village is pleased to announce a major road resurfacing and tree replacement project to begin mid-June, 2021.

The following streets will be completed resurfaced curb to curb:

  • Soundview Drive from Shore Road to Steamboat Lane
  • Driftwood Drive from Soundview Drive to Island Court
  • Steamboat Drive
  • Radcliff Avenue
  • Sandy Court
  • Soundview Drive from Sandy Court to Dock Lane
  • Pleasant Avenue

You may have seen a number of trees taken down along the pending construction zones. These trees were inspected and found to cause considerable damage to curbs, sidewalks, and the road surface; damage caused by tree roots. These roots have also been known to block homeowner sewer lines. These lines cannot be fixed without the removal of the tree its roots. Some homeowners reported trees that they felt could pose a danger to their homes. Trees that have grown into the sidewalks also pose a safety hazard and in some cases rendered them out of compliance with ADA standards. Please be aware that before any trees were removed the adjacent homeowners were notified and have given us approvals.
All trees that have been taken down will be replaced with more suitable and street-friendly trees. These include the Zelkova Serrata and Acer Armstrong Maple. Not only are these better trees for the locations they are being planted, but they also provide bio-diversity throughout the Village. Planting is expected to commence in the month of May.