January 9, 2014

Dear Mayor Weitzner,

It’s been a decade since I first served as a Trustee of the Village of Port Washington North.  It has been a decade filled with challenge, service, stress, joy, accomplishment and camaraderie.  It has been a decade that I will always treasure. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the Village. I am grateful to you, the other Trustees I’ve worked with, the staff and the residents of Port North, for one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have ever had.

It was back when I first arrived on the Board, that I was told – perhaps by you Bob – that membership on the Port North Board of Trustees will prove to be membership in perhaps the best club or organization one could imagine. Yes indeed, it has.

A great part of it has been the wonderful members of the present Board of Trustees: my brothers-in-spirit, Mike and Sherm and of course Steve, my friend, my partner and my brother have made this team great. Thanx.

And you Bob, your leadership, friendship, compassion and commitment has set a standard for all of us to emulate. I appreciate your efforts, friendship and vision. Thanx.

Thank you to all.

However, this community that I moved to almost 39 years ago, this community where Lil and I raised our kids, this community which I have considered my home for most of my life, is no longer the community that I consider home. Since I retired from full-time work a year ago, Lil and I have had the opportunity to spend considerable time on the east end. We’ve chosen our East Hampton house as our retirement home.

Until Lil and I list and sell our house, and firm up our East End living arrangements, we will remain residents of Port North. However, it is time for the Board to look to the future and start shaping its tomorrow. Therefore, it is with mixed emotions that I resign as Trustee and Deputy Mayor of Port Washington North, effective immediately.

I am of course, available to help, advise, or share my experience, should anyone working with Port North ask. I wish you all the best of everything.

Thanks for the memories,

Michael Schenkler