Village of Port Washington North


WHEREAS,      Michael Schenkler is retiring as a Trustee of the Village of Port Washington North, a position he has held since February 16, 2004, and as Deputy Mayor since 2005; and

WHEREAS,   Michael Schenkler began Village service in 2003 as a Bay Walk Park Steering Committee Member, Newsletter Commissioner, and the Chair of the Port North Village Club Commission; and

WHEREAS,     Michael Schenkler has diligently served the community of Port Washington North with his great attention to the details of government and dedication to fiscal responsibility; and

WHEREAS,      Michael Schenkler has been a proud and vocal resident of the Soundview neighborhood of the Village for thirty-nine years, moving to his home on Driftwood Drive in 1975.  Now, therefore, be it

PROCLAIMED,      that, in recognition of his service to the Village, January 9th shall henceforth be known as Michael Schenkler Day.

Done at Port Washington North, New York

this 9th Day of January, 2014