Good afternoon,

The following is a copy of the only update that was sent to the Port Washington Garbage District by Robert Lange who is the Town of North Hempstead’s Solid Waste Management Authority Executive Director. Feel free to send it out.

Thank you

Paul Oleksiw
Commissioner – PWGD

I’ve just been informed by representatives of Meadow Carting that the work stoppage by a portion of their workforce, which has resulted in delays in service provision has now officially ended.  Since Monday morning’s partial walk out, Meadow management has been sending out a partial collection team made up of those members of its collection staff who did not strike.  As a result, most households have experienced only partial and sporadic collections at best.

Now that the strike has been settled, and all of Meadow’s workers have returned to collections, residents will be asked to leave their garbage curbside or wherever they typically set out their trash.  To allow Meadow to focus entirely upon putrescible trash, residents should not set out their recyclables until next week when full regular collection services will be restored.  From now until Saturday evening, Meadow will have its full collection workforce focused entirely upon trash collections until they have collected all trash set outs.

A new robo call will be drafted and sent out shortly informing the public as well as a service update posted on the website.

Robert Lange
Executive Director/Commissioner
Solid Waste Management Authority
Town of North Hempstead
802 West Shore Road
Port Washington, NY 11050
Telephone: 516-883-6931