September is National Preparedness Month

Whether you deal with the possible threats of flooding, wildfires, hurricanes or power outages, the preparedness steps to take are the same. They include:

 •    Knowing your risk for where you live;
•    Having an individual and family preparedness plan in place;
•    Practicing that plan;
•    Putting together an emergency kit with water and non-perishable supplies to last for at least three days for you, your family and your pets;
•    Ensuring that your contact list is up-to-date for people you may need to reach out to during a disaster; and
•    Establishing alternative methods of communication in case traditional means are not available.

Additionally, September 30 is National PrepareAthon! Day. You are encouraged to participate by doing a simple, specific action or activity to improve your preparedness and your family’s preparedness; or it can be something more elaborate that involves your neighborhood, your place of worship, your entire workplace or your community. 


  • The American Red Cross

P.O. Jesse Atchison

Click below for resources to help prepare you in the event of a disaster, feel free to share this information with others.