Dear Port North Residents,

We hope you are all safe and sound while we deal with this pandemic. Please keep in mind we are still in a stay-in-home status and the CDC is continuing to recommend wearing masks when it is possible that you may not be able to maintain safe distancing from others. This crisis has also afforded many of us to enjoy the outdoors and spend more time with our immediate families. As a result, more residents are on our streets and sidewalks. Because this presents certain safety issues we wish to bring to your attention.


                               Covid -19 Traffic Safety Alert


Safety Alert: Record numbers of neighbors and children are out walking and riding bikes. All Traffic regulations remain in effect and are even more critical than normally.

* Please Follow Speed Limits – FULL STOP & LOOK both ways at STOP SIGNS.

* Please do not park your cars on the sidewalks (especially in front of driveways). This causes walkers, children, and the handicap to dangerously go into streets risking lives.

* There is no parking in front of STOP SIGNS (Law is 30 feet in Front – No Parking). blocking of Stop Signs could create and accident by cars not seeing them.

* No Parking – No Standing – No Stopping are posted for safety reasons. More pedestrians and bikes mean more need for unobstructed clear visibility.

* Please keep our children safe. Kids in low motorized cars and small “motorcycles” suddenly appearing on streets can be hit by cars not seeing them when they come out from behind parked vehicles. Please keep your kids safely off streets.

* No Parking within 15 feet of Fire Hydrants. Firefighters need quick access for hoses.

* No Parking, Stopping, or Standing in all intersections.

* Park only on Right side of road with passenger wheels within 12” of right-hand curb. If not, re-entry to driving lane decreases visibility and reaction time to avoid an accident.

* Adults & teenagers should avoid riding bicycles on sidewalks when pedestrians are present.


Help keep our streets clean and welcoming – Street Sweeping Schedule 2020

              *** NEXT Street Sweeping is Tomorrow *** – Thursday  May 14th

               Please do not park on the streets during pickup dates.

May 14  May 28   June 11   June 25  July 9  July 23  August 6  August 20 September 3  September 17  October 1  October 15  October 29

Note: Schedule dates are Thursdays: weather permitting. If inclement weather then the following Tuesday.

Sweepers will pass through streets as early and quickly as possible allowing cars to return after truck passes. Parked cars slow the sweeping process and can leave debris where truck needs to go around obstacles.                 ************************************************************************************

And finally, as you know, the 2020 Census is currently underway.  I encourage all of you to take 10 minutes to complete the Census while safe at home.   Your participation will ensure that our Village, Town, County, and State receive adequate federal funding.  You can respond online (https://my2020census.gov), by phone (1-844-330-2020), or by mail.

Please be kind to your neighbors and check in on any in need of assistance.

Stay Safe,      Mayor Bob