Hello – This is an important traffic advisory for the Village of Port Washington North.

ROAD CLOSSURES & UPGRADES- Nassau County DPW has advised us of road work with road closings/restrictions to be done in the near future: Harbor Road resurfacing will begin week of 3/15 from Middle Neck Rd to Shore Rd. lasting about one week depending on weather. Shortly after, Shore Rd resurfacing is due to begin on or about April 1 once Harbor Rd is completed to minimize conflicting congestion. Two of the three shopping center driveways will be kept open allowing for access to stores, likely one lane in each direction.

Later this year the Town of North Hempstead has scheduled Mill Pond Road improvements to replace curbs for safer parking, reset sidewalk bricks, following by resurfacing the road as part of upgrades our Village has been supporting for the past few years.

Locally, this spring-summer we plan on resurfacing sections of Soundview Dr., Driftwood Dr., and Steamboat La. where water mains were replaced. We have also scheduled the resurfacing of Radcliff Ave, Sandy Court, and Pleasant Ave. We will update Village residents once we have a construction date in place.

PSEGLI UPGRADES- We would like the Village to know that we are actively working with PSEGLI to “harden” our electric service to limit outages, especially due to weather conditions. This involves tree trimming as well as strategic tree removals.

S.T.O.P. Hazardous Waste Disposal- Please be aware that Sunday March 21 9AM – 3PM will be the next S.T.O.P program at Bar Beach giving us the opportunity to dispose of hazardous waste items at no charge. This is a very good time to environmentally dispose of Fluorescent tube bulbs with mercury, chemicals, and also to shred personal papers. See the Town North Hempstead web site for more details.

Lastly, Please Drive Carefully. Traffic safety enforcement is being tightened with spring and summer putting more of us out around the streets. Obey Stop signs, Parking restrictions and speed limits. They are posted for our safety and to protect our children.

Thank you –Steve Kaplan Port North Village Traffic Safety Commissioner