Dear Residents,

Please be advised our local police have asked us to report to you on a recent, big increase in phone and email scams targeting residents, especially seniors.

The two major scams seem to be requests for money and mortgage frauds.

1)   Requests for money:

o   One common scenario is a plea for assistance from, as an example, friend of a grandchild who has been       arrested and needs bail money.

o   Or from someone pretending to be an attorney for the person in need.

o   Scams are often also related to impersonation of government agencies and utilities and for prize winners and       kidnapped family members.

o   According to Port Washington Police Chief James Salerno, a legitimate bail or other request would neverask       for monies to be sent by:

§  Green Dot MoneyPak

§  MoneyGram

§  Western Union

§  Other prepaid card / money transfer company

o   Please note, bail is almost always paid directly to a court or correctional facility and not to an attorney or other       representative.

2)   Mortgage and deed scams offering “loan modifications” (to lower interest rates) are another large source of fraud.

o   No one should ever sign over their deed except to a direct representative of YOUR mortgage provider.

o   Other related mortgage fraud tips:

§  Beware of anyone seeking to charge you in advance for mortgage modification services. In most cases,         this is illegal.

·       To verify a company claiming to be affiliated with “HAMP” or the federal government, contact       “HOPE” hotline 1-888-995-4673.

·       To verify any mortgage company or broker you can use the website:            or www.DFS.NY.GOV

3)   Please report any attempted fraud to the police:

o   Port Washington Police  516-883 – 0500

o   Sands Point Police         516-883-3100

o   Nassau County Police    516-573-6600

4)   Please pass this on to anyone who may not be receiving it, especially seniors.

Thank you,

Peter Forman


Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management