Greetings all Port Washington North residents,

First, on behalf of the Board of Trustees and I we hope you had a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.

STAY SAFE– In an effort to keep our Village safe and healthy during the current pandemic we continue to ask all residents to follow the CDC Guidelines and keep safe distancing and wear masks. Gatherings and parties must be limited and precautions to avoid transmission of COVID-19 must be taken. The Pandemic will re-escalate if we do not adhere to these guidelines. Port North has one of the lowest positive incidents rates per 1,000 residents in all of Nassau County. Let’s keep it that way!

PSEGLI OUTAGE UPDATE– Thank you all for your help and patience in the recent electric power crisis we all suffered. The Board of Trustees and our OEM Commissioner, Steve Kaplan, have been reviewing the events that took place resulting in the loss of our power and extended delays in restoration. A number of steps have been taken with more to follow:

1-    Village Utility Outage Response System– We thank all of our residents that conveyed critical information to PSEGLI and the Village. Despite those communications, there were clear deficiencies regarding how information was received and dispatched to both our residents and PSEGLI service teams. Because of those deficiencies, we are researching an electronic Village response communications system to better serve our residents in the future. We recognize that residents need to communicate with the Village so we are all on the same page when dealing with PSEGLI in an effort to obtain vital restoration services, for power and cable. By having critical intel relating to who is out and what damage residents can see from their homes (power lines down, loss of power, road blockages, etc. ) we can make contact with PSEG to guide their ground crews and expedite solutions to get the help we need.

2-    Reach out to PSEGLI- Shortly after all resident had their power restored, we reached out to PSEGLI in an effort to begin the process of finding out what went wrong with communications and what they intend to do to make sure this does not happen again. A number of items were discussed:

  • PSEGLI will provide the Village a written response regarding what took place during the Isaias Tropical Storm event within four weeks. They stated the report will include how they prepared for the storm, how their communication system failed, detail the deficiencies during the repair period, and remediation efforts to correct and improve their process and procedures. We will pass this information along to our residents once it is provided. 
  • PSEGLI will be re-assessing all tree conditions along their power lines behind and alongside our homes. We are insisting they take a proactive approach to trimming all trees that pose a threat to our power grid. We ask all resident to work with the tree trimming crews if they are in your area.
  • PSEGLI initiated a SMART METERING program last year. Residents with these meter send information to PSEGLI regarding power usage and outages. The information provided will better assist the utility in determining which grids are out and allow them to better communicate information back to us. We are requesting that all homes be converted to these new meters and have requested a count of how many homes in our Village have these meters and when the conversion will be completed.

3-    Village of Port North waiving certain back-up generator permit fees. Please be advised that in an effort to help residents prepare for future emergency power outages the Village Board passed a resolution at our last Board meeting waiving certain permit fees until March 31, 2021 for applications to our Port North Building Department for backup electric systems including permits for generators, transfer switching, and battery backup solar power systems.  Permits are still required for certain installation. Please contact our Building Department for more information.

4-    PSEG Reimbursement for Losses. See attached Tropical Storm PSEG Reimbursement for losses form. PSEG is providing homeowners with reimbursement for loss of food, medications, etc. We have provided you with the form which must be filled out and returned by September 16th.

MESSAGE FROM PWNOEM MANAGER STEVE KAPLAN: Please tell your neighbors and friends to sign up for so we can communicate, alert and get more complete Intel to and from all our neighbors in Port North. Simply go to and register.

DRIVE CAREFULLY- Schools opening. This year more than ever please obey all traffic restrictions – speed limits, stop signs , parking restrictions we have more people on the streets walking, children on sidewalks and riding bikes at all times of alternating days.

VILLAGE ELECTIONS- SEPTEMBER 15, 12 noon to 9pm at Village Hall- Please be aware that the Annual Election of the Village of Port Washington North will be held on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 and the polling place shall be 3 Pleasant Avenue and polls are opened from 12:00 noon polls are open said day and shall close at 9:00 in the evening

IMPROVING OUR WEBSITE– We are conducting research on the Village’s current website so we can redesign the site to be more user friendly. We encourage you to fill out this quick 1-3 minute Website Survey regarding the current site. You can either click the “Website Survey” hyperlink, or copy and paste the following link into your browser:–o2MhyUTYWbOG5UTwbPcuCne9AgqkQ/viewform

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Port Washington North 2020 CENSUS Support! – COMPLETE AND FILE YOUR 2020 CENSUS BY SEPTEMBER 30, 2020!


* BILLIONS IN FEDERAL FUNDS are distributed nationwide based on our Census Data.


* Number of Representatives NY State will have to represent YOU and our neighbors.

* Number of Electoral College VOTES NY will cast is determined by your Census Filing.

* Census data Redraws Political Boundaries affecting voting and representation.

OUR VILLAGE, TOWN, COUNTY, and STATE TAXES will be directly affected by the OUR CENSUS results.

Fill out the Census you received in the mail or go to: MY2020CENSUS.GOV


Mayor Bob and the Board of Trustees

Instructions for PSEGLI Reimbursement of Spoiled Food and Drug Form.pdf

claim-form PSEGLI for spoiled food and drug reimbursement.pdf