Hello – this is The Village of Port Washington North with an important announcement.

The Village of Port Washington North is pleased to announce that free resident leaf pick-up will be offered again this year. However, the first pick-up is 2-3 weeks
from now. Please see the attached schedule for the pick-up date on your street.

There have been complaints and safety issues due to residents putting leaves out too soon. Until the leaf pick-up commences please do not put leaves in the street. Bag them and have them removed through normal garbage pick-up on your scheduled days. Forecasted rain will make streets slippery and will clog storm sewers.

There will be one pass of each street, DO NOT put leaves out more than 1 day before your scheduled pick-up nor after the pick-up passes your home. Please be aware that this service is free for RESIDENTS ONLY. Landscapers are NEVER permitted to put leaves in the streets.

A second pick-up is scheduled for Dec 3-5 for all Streets, but please check the village web site to confirmation the dates.

Thank you, Steve Kaplan, Traffic Safety Commissioner

File attachments:
Leaf Pickup 2013 Schedule and guidelines.doc