• Do not place garbage at the curbside until after 6 PM on the night before pickup.
  • Do not place garbage on curbside on Friday night or Saturday for a Monday pick-up.
  • Please keep garbage in sealed garbage cans because of the stray cats and raccoon problems.
  • Big items (furniture, appliances, etc) are only picked up on Fridays.
  • Yard waste is picked up on Mondays.
  • Recycling varies by areas in the Village

Download the Garbage Pick-up Schedule
For more information regarding garbage rules and schedules please click HERE.

  • Put leaves in the street only the day prior to your street scheduled pickup, not any time earlier because leaves may possibly be blown to your neighbors property and can also clog street drains.
  • Leaf pickups crews will pass through your street only once – DO NOT PUT LEAVES IN THE STREET AFTER CREW HAS PASSED YOUR ADDRESS.
  • Leaf Pick-up is a village service for Residents only. Landscapers are never permitted to put anything into the village streets at any time.
  • No bagging is necessary. Please sweep leaves into the street adjacent to the curb.
  • Please do not park on the streets during the scheduled pickup dates to facilitate cleanup efforts.
  • There have been complaints that some residents are putting leaves in streets days before the pick-up. Please note, it is a SAFETY issue and thus a violation more than 1 day prior to pick-up.

Download Leaf Removal November 2021 Schedule

Initial Clean-Up

Between the period of April 1, 2021 and April 13, 2021, the Contractor shall provide an initial clean-up by removing from the streets listed below all accumulations of dirt, sand, and debris.

Angler Lane Driftwood Drive Avenue C (between 6:00 am -8:00 am)
Avenue B Durbyan Street Channel Drive (between 5:00 am – 7:00 am)
Bay Drive Fishermans Drive Cow Neck Road (south side)
Boat Lane Morgan Place Harbor Road (north side from Shore Rd. to Valley Rd.)
Cove Lane Mill Pond Road Orchard Street (west side from Ave. B to Pulaski Place)
Dock Lane Old Shore road Pleasant Ave.
Island Court Radcliff Avenue Pulaski Place (north side)
Marlin Lane Schooner Lane Soundview Drive
Port Drive Seagull Lane Steamboat Drive
Sandy Court Seaview Lane Valley Road (west side)
Smull Place Waterview Drive

Schedule of Sweeping Dates for 2021 is as follows:

April 22 July 1 September 9
May 6 July 15 September 23
May 20 July 29 October 7
June 3 August 12 October 21
June 17 August 26


Click HERE to learn more about the Village’s tree policy.